Streetphotography Barcelona - English Version

I was traveling to Barcelona! Beautiful or?

The beautiful city in Spain was unknown to me until now.

Much heard and read, but never been there. The greater was the anticipation

on my last city trip for the year 2018. Let's go with the Streetphotography blog from Barcelona!

Reminder: ALL Pictures from Barcelona can be seen on this following Link.

In this Blog Entry you only see some picture that I randomly picked.

Barcelona is big, bigger than Cologne and I will have 4 days to go the coolest locations.

For that reason I am using the super cool site for inspiration.

That guy F.D Walker has made it his mission to travel over 100 cities and people like me

to provide a Streetphotography guide for free. Absolutely awesome!

At home, I prepare myself and look which areas I want to visit in any case and what not. We have the beginning of November. It is cold and in Barcelona it should be between 12 and 18 degrees. It will probably not draw me to the beach Barceloneta, which is a pity. I would like to have seen it a lot.

Let's go with lots of luggage!

This time I am not traveling with my colleague, but with the whole family.

To stay the four days we rented a nice apartment, a very nice and

large apartment with many rooms for a great price. Only downside, we have to

Prepare our own food for almost 5 days from morning to evening. It will not be really pleasant.

After a fairly quick and enjoyable flight we land in Barcelona.

We grab the luggage and take the Aerobus in the direction of Catalunya, which is right

centrally located in Barcelona. From there we "try" to order a taxi, which turns out to be

difficult to design. We run after the taxi driver almost 50 minutes, as he every time we do

arrive at the agreed destination, drive away again. I think he wants to fool us.

We decide to walk to the hotel. Its only 3 kilometers with 3 suitcases, a child and

Stroller. Once there, we drag our already tired bones plus luggage up the stairs.

It goes to the 3rd floor. Welcome to Barcelona!

Finally arrived, first rest!

Do you know what I do not like about traveling? Traveling itself!

I lie down for a moment and go through the inside, what I want to do today.

Namely nothing! Meanwhile, it is almost 17.00 clock and the light seems to be slowly disappearing.

Tomorrow is also a day. Good night!

Day 1 - all on top!

Today it will finally start for me. I have already checked camera equipment the evening before.

With it I have 2 full-format cameras, as well as in Paris! These heavy eye catching blocks

although have a good picture quality, but after 14 kilometers on foot, a neck surgery is needed.

Which mode - Which settings?

Actually, my settings are almost always the same. I am in semi-automatic mode. The aperture I can control Manuel.

Exposure time is between 1/400 s and 1/800 second. With the ISO, I always try to stay in the lowest range, which is rarely the case. Why?

Take the self test. Go out the door and watch the weather. It is bright, the sun is shining.

So best weather for low ISO values, right?

Now go in on a street. Right and left are houses. The sun is shielded: So although the

Sun is shining and there is no cloud in the sky, the camera screams for light.

One or the other street photographer will know the problem, if one goes from the "bright" to the "dark" and forgot to reset the camera.

The solution is to set the ISO value to automatic, but I do not like that at all.

My camera is set to go no higher than ISO 2000. That's what makes them consistent

and it's snowing like winter. And with such an expensive thing. Ridiculous!

But enough technology chatter! Let's go to the streets of Barcelona.

You not speak spanish - you not being served!

To strengthen in the morning, it goes to the nearest bakery. There are lots of "healthy" things on every corner. Wheat products, in addition to sweet wheat products and wheat products for a change. Panini, croissant, bread, and baguette - is not really nice for me.

Arrived in the bakery I say: "I would like to have a croissant please".

The lady behind the bar raises her outstretched hand, waving it from left to right.

She waves 20 cm from my head. She calls something in Spanish and scolds her colleague

on beat. In German, that was probably: For you shit foreigners, there is no croissant today.

Either you speak Spanish or you make the exit very quickly.

If I take this experience and transport it to a German bakery, this would now have closed and all employees would be fired because of right-wing ideology and xenophobic behavior without notice.

The whole with subsequent reporting on ZDF, RTL and ARD with the headline:

How many Nazis does this country need? Serious insults against foreigners in a German bakery! :-)

So I go on without breakfast and get something later in a supermarket.

First things first.

With it I have a city map and my maps app that is really awesome. You can not get lost with this thing. I walk down to Diagonal Street, a main street that runs across Barcelona. From here I continue towards the university. The architecture reminds me a lot of Paris. Somehow it looks the same, except for the people who are far more normal, if more boring. It smells of slight arrogance and uncertainty. From a distance, people see me and give me clear signs not to take their photograph. Not bad, I already know this behavior from Germany. The paranoia seems to have arrived here too.

With slow steps and testing a lot I make my first pictures. In such cases, it is often a good idea to just photograph something to get in the flow. My blog readers probably now know what I'm talking about.

I walk through some side streets and squares before going back to the apartment. The first 12.6 KM walk are on the health app. Quickly a 8cm piece of pizza on the hand for 8 € and then with a full stomach to bed. Tomorrow is day 2.

La la la la Rambla!

In a similar way, the long, well-known mile that every tourist has on the screen when he or she travels to Barcelona. There are a lot of people and a market here, La Boqueria is also there. A promising trip is therefore on Day 2 nothing in the way. I pack my things and leave pretty early. The light is terrible and it contracts after just under 10 minutes. It is raining and I could „vomit“. After it has rained after tens of hours, I go a little further towards the Arc de Triumph, where I am almost alone. This weather has not only deterred me. I go back and pout. Rain and bad light. I do not need all that :-)

Another 10 KM are on the "walk" speedometer.

Day 3 - La Rambla the 2nd

On the third day I would like to continue my yesterdays trip to la Rambla. The weather is not much better today and it is threatening to change again. It's late when I leave the apartment when it ticks up a bit. For my way of photographing I need the light, lots of light! Of course, there is something in almost every weather, but I am and have never been the type of photo walkthrough the wet and the cold.

Arriving at La Rambla I see many tourists for the first time. It is packed here. Finally "normal people!"

Here are some older people who relax in the sun. I like to photograph older people. The faces tell me a lot of stories unlike today's zombies, who blindly cross the street. If I tell you that I've been watching a girl in Barcelona, ​​what ran her mobile against a lantern, that's just the truth. The only thing that was a pity was the fact that I could not shoot it fast enough.

The famous market "La Boqueria" has opened its doors today. A really curious, if not small, market. Here you can really buy everything. From the pig's head to the fruit smoothie is all there. For me and the camera it is extremely dark here. After a short while I move on to Barri Gotic.

Barri Gotic - or as the people of Cologne say, the old town!

The Gotic district is characterized by many narrow streets and small shops. Really nice to look at.

If you like city halls, cathedrals and old buildings, then this is the place for you.

For me and my camera, it is much too dark and I move back towards the apartment.

Another 12.6 KM are recorded on the „Stepometer."

Day 4 - Vila de Gracia - the village in the city.

Very close to our accommodation is the very charming Vila de Garcia. Charming because it makes it look more like a small village in this big city, if you take a step into this neighborhood. Beautiful street art and colors as far as the eye can see. Almost a little Palma feeling. Here I land some nice results and am really excited for the first time. This is not least because of the nice weather, which I have on day 4. Pure sunshine! Of course, the older residents also attract me here. I am very close to the action and can collect good pictures.

Slightly higher is the Park Güell, which was once designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi.

The view from here above is definitely worth a climb. My T-shirt is so wet that I could wring it out.

When I am in the shadow again, I freeze my A …of again. If that does not give a cold. Funny November weather.

On the way back I take the metro for the first time, as my legs are tired of walking.which is relatively easy and cheap.

For a multi-day trip, there are super metro tickets, which can be used for days. Despite Metro are another 10 KM on the "Wadenkrampf Tacho."

Last day and the last pictures.

Today is the last day and I'm leaving together with my family. Street photography is not great anymore. Is not bad, because I have seen enough. I show my wife and daughter the Vila Garcia quarter before we drive back to the airport. We'll take a taxi this time and not the Aerobus.

The throat itches and I feel cold. In the plane, I'm sure something is going on. I have a really bad cold, which now lasts for 8 days. As I write this blog, I cough my guts out of my throat.

In this sense, all the best and many thanks for reading.

Until next time,

Your Christopher

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